Transamerica Affinity Markets Team offers reliable and prompt compensation payments. No excuses, no delays.

The Affinity Markets Team of Transamerica is uniquely positioned as a safe, stable and long-term source of upsell revenue. Our marketing company, Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc, is not one of the fly-by-night upsell companies you may have done business with―and been burned by―in the past. Discover how our complete business stability along with a wide selection of lucrative affinity marketing programs can generate extra income that you can count on.

We're backed by a centuries-old, stable financial services company


The several companies, under which the Transamerica Affinity Markets Team operates, are wholly owned subsidiaries of AEGON N.V. AEGON N.V. is a Fortune 200 company with $415 billion in assets. Our organization has nearly 28,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 20 markets throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

We offer reliable and prompt payment per your schedule with clear terms.


You deserve to receive what you earn in a prompt and predictable manner. Here's our approach to payment:

Choose reliable and prompt payments on a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis. We don't believe in "true-ups" or "net-outs"―you always retain what we pay. You could recieve retroactive bonuses for back-end performance when you exceed our model's assumptions.

The Transamerica Affinity Markets Team offers a safe harbor where you can upsell with confidence.

Our sterling reputation is, unfortunately, unique in our industry. Perhaps you've had a negative experience with another vendor who got you into trouble with customers or regulators. The Transamerica Affinity Markets Team has an impeccable history of providing direct-to-consumer companies with proven partner marketing experience and outstanding regulatory compliance.

We deliver deep expertise in partner marketing.


The Transamerica Affinity Markets Team has been delivering partner marketing for over 40 years and has worked with over 50 major business partners, many of whom have been long-term relationships. With our many years of operations, we've become one of the largest direct response marketers of specialty insurance and membership programs. In fact, our product portfolio is one of the industry's largest and is designed specifically for direct response and point-of-sale marketing.

Here are other ways we ensure a strong partnership:

  • We offer a full range of services and unlimited scalability
  • You get a dedicated account manager, call center training and sales incentives

We take compliance and regulations seriously.


Because we're one of the industry's leading providers of membership products, our operations are subject to state and federal regulation. Plus, the Affinity Markets Team of Transamerica employs PCI-compliant processes and conservative business practices. Our approach should give you added peace of mind that we're going to operate with integrity on all of your upselling efforts. Plus:

We securely and permanently store all upsell recordings, since our products offer free 30-day trials.

We assume responsibility for merchant bank processing for risk from any errors on our part.

The Transamerica Affinity Markets Team provides clear insight to help you make more money over the long term.

What's more valuable than the ability to analyze your operation, change course, and squeeze all possible profit out of your upselling efforts?

Comprehensive Analytics:

Because we have the in-house capability to work with data, the Transamerica Affinity Markets Team is able to crunch operational data like nobody else. We provide extensive reporting and monthly analytics.

Wise Counsel:

We'll work with you to analyze this data to find ways to optimize your business even further. We can leverage the analytics to increase your upsell business efficiencies, sales and profits.

The Transamerica Affinity Markets Team gives you the right mix of options

To bring more profits your way, we can draw on these high-performing types of popular membership clubs, available in multi-lingual versions:

How It Works

The Affinity Markets Team of Transamerica offers several upsell options including post-transaction offerings through Call Centers.


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